About us

The history of our team…

…reaches the end of the 1980s, when the most experienced of us began to work in the design department of the biggest manufacturer of steel structures in Poland located in Siedlce. After further transformations, we were in the structures of one of the largest construction companies in Poland. At that time we made a large number of projects varied in terms of size and difficulty, starting from simple production and storage halls for various industries, through commercial facilities, public facilities, sports facilities, parking lots, up to the technologically complex construction of towers, waste incineration plants, combined heat and power plants, flue gas desulfurization installations, not only in Poland but also all over Europe (Germany, Austria, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Slovakia, Russia, Lithuania and Estonia). Over time, we have expanded our scope of activities by independent realization of facilities of the following types: cold storages, logistic centers, commercial objects and small industrial plants in the formula “design and build“.

On the day of 01.01.2017, we gained the status of the independent design company K1 PROJEKT, part of the ENERGOPROJEKT-KATOWICE S.A. capital group.

Building of the team and experience by working for one of the biggest manufacturing companies of steel structures in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the biggest construction companies in Poland.
he end of the 80s – 12.31.2013
Creation Construction Engineering Department of the company ENERGOPROJEKT-KATOWICE SA (EPK S.A.) - on the basis of former employees of the design office.
01.01.2014 r.
K1 PROJEKT comes to life as an EPK S.A. subsidiary company
01.01.2017 r.